“Member Emeritus” – New Membership Option

By Clint Iams, NAFCA Executive Director, Amity, PA

At only $250 per year, membership with NAFCA is very attainable for even the smallest and growing businesses.  However, we have many supporters of NAFCA who are no longer running a business of their own but want to offer their support for the benefit of the fencing industry.

With this in mind, we have created the “Member Emeritus” status.  This $100 membership allows those who were part of the fencing industry and/or NAFCA, yet have retired or no longer maintain a business, to still be part of the best fence association.
When considering offering this membership option to the fence industry, many of our Fence Training School instructors would think of Fred Venette.  Fred worked tirelessly to improve the industry and elevate the standard. He was a key member of NAFCA’s first Fence Training School over ten years ago. Fred would have appreciated the opportunity to support the industry he loved in a manner such as this.
NAFCA prides itself on bringing together industry leaders for the betterment of the fencing community.  This is just another way we support, encourage, and facilitate the growth of the fence industry.

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