Final Service Project of 2021: Impromptu Arlington National Cemetery Project

By Clint Iams, NAFCA Executive Director, Amity, PA

NAFCA kicked off 2021 with the service project for Operation Second Chance in January. It is only fitting we were able to conclude the year with an impromptu service project at Arlington National Cemetery on December 20th.

Our association has a long history of giving back at Arlington; we replace dilapidated fence at our nation’s cemetery with new material donated by our members. Volunteers provide more than enough labor; during a typical project it’s customary to have 40 to 50 people attending and contributing to the service project.

As you may remember, we were attempting to do a large service project in early October. Unfortunately, the pandemic changed our plans yet again and we had to cancel the project.  In preparation for the October project, Ultra Aluminum Manufacturing sent 140 feet of black ornamental aluminum to Arlington for us to install as part of the project.

Around Thanksgiving, Chief Warrant Officer Rios contacted us asking if we have the ability to store this material elsewhere; it was blocking their limited storage yard. We contacted Hurricane Fence as they are local to Arlington to see if they would mind storing this material until next year. In conversation the idea was born to schedule an impromptu service project.

Six people from four different companies gathered earlier this week to install the fence.  We would like to thank Ultra Aluminum Manufacturing for donating the material, Hurricane Fence for taking the lead to provide the main power and tools necessary to install the fence, Builder’s Fence, CertainTeed, and Log Cabin Fence for sending additional people to provide the manpower to complete this project.

Executive Director Clint Iams presenting past President Scott Ruete with a plaque.

We also took this moment to present past President Scott Ruete with a plaque commemorating his service as president for 2019 and 2020.  In a normal year, our incoming/current president would present this during our annual meeting.  Obviously, little has been normal about these past two years.

We are enthusiastically planning for our Arlington 2022 project. It will most likely occur in October 2022. We hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Final Service Project of 2021: Impromptu Arlington National Cemetery Project

  1. Major Terry Dempsey, US Army Ranger Reply

    What a wonderful gift you good folks at NAFCA have once again given to our country and to those who might have family and cherished ones interred at Arlington. And such a great looking job. I hope to join you one of these years on this truly outstanding love-of-country public service project. Merry Christmas to you all – and thanks for taking your time – and particularly at this time of year – to give this gift. You don’t know how much the Families appreciate it. Respectfully, Terry Dempsey

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