Please see below for a biography for each of our board members and executive officers. The dates below their location is current position and term.

Al Martins

Fence Armor
Burlington, ON

President 1/1/23-12/31/24 (First term 2/9/21-12/31/22; Second term 1/1/23-12/31/25)

Al Martins is Director and Co-Owner of both Fence Armor and CAM Solutions. Currently residing in Canada, Al previously spent quite a number of years living & working in the USA. Made in North America is not just a statement for Al, he believes in supporting quality built in America products, made by Americans, in North America.

Al is an active Board Member of both the NAFCA and CFIA (Canadian Fence Industry Association) boards. Being involved keeps us learning and ignites change.

When he is not working in one of his official capacities, Al can be found supporting any one of many worthy charities like Victory Junction or the annual project at Arlington Cemetery. Having a daily fitness regime is key to maintaining a balanced life. When time permits Al likes to enjoy traveling. You can find them riding camels in Dubai or paddling kayaks in some river our ocean in the world. Balance and drive are just two of the qualities that keep Al focused in business and in his personal life. 

Dustin Weimann

DW Fence
Oak Creek, WI

Vice President 1/1/23-12/31/24 (First term 2/9/21-12/31/22; Second term 1/1/23-12/31/25)

Dustin has been in the fence industry sixteen years.  He recently started his own company, DW Fence, in Oak Creek, WI. He enjoys working at different venues everyday and working outside in the beautiful Wisconsin weather year round.

He loves talking and working with everyone surrounded with NAFCA. The NAFCA events are for great causes and he could not be prouder to be a part of this organization. The relationships we build would have never happened if it wasn’t for the fence industry. “Fencing is my life and I would have it no other way; it is what I love to do!”.  Dustin is one of our chain link instructors at Fence Training School.

Chris Ward-Horner

Hampden Fence Supply
Agawam, MA

Treasurer 2/9/21-12/31/23 (First term 2/9/21-12/31/23)

Chris Ward-Horner is President of Hampden Fence Supply, Inc. in Agawam, MA. 

She was CFO for Hampden Fence Supply for many years and has been the owner since 2010.  Hampden Fence is a manufacturer of domestic chain link fence fittings and a distributor of domestic and foreign fence fittings. 

Chris joined the North American Fence Contractor Association in 2014 and became the Treasurer in 2015.

Glenn Butterfield

CertainTeed – BuffTech Fence
Hellertown, PA

Secretary 1/1/23-12/31/24 (First term 1/1/22-12/31/24)

As the Product Application Specialist for CertainTeed, Glenn Butterfield works with their various fence products, as well as rail, deck, and some exterior facades. Growing up in Utah, he got a construction background as he worked in landscaping, and then built in-ground concrete pools for many years.

Glenn got into the fence world in 2013 hiring on with SimTek Fence in 2013. In 2014 he moved to Pennsylvania to set up a sales and distribution hub for SimTek. With the acquisition of SimTek by CertainTeed in 2017, Glenn was able to move into a training position which he has done since.

A passion Glenn shares with others in NAFCA is working to make the Fence industry a better community. He believes in the pride of a job well done, and hopes to share his enthusiasm for the industry as we all grow our abilities and knowledge, through training, conversations, and pride in the industry we call home.

In his spare time, Glenn loves to be with his wife and 3 kids, outdoor activities of all kinds, and brewing beer to be enjoyed with friends.

Glenn is our PVC instructor at Fence Training School.

Mart Prost

Prost, Inc
Williamsburg, ON Canada

Board (First term 2/9/21-12/31/23)

Mart has been involved in the fence industry for 35 years as a cedar lumber mill and installation company specializing in manufacturing of pre-assembled and pre-stained fence panels for large housing projects in Ontario, Canada. For over 20 plus years Mart was an instructor for wood fence classes for the AFA in Waco, Athens, and Tulsa. When NAFCA was founded, he became Fence Training School (FTS) director in Sebring FL to manage its operations.

Mart served on the AFA board as a Governor and a Director. Over the years he has served on the CFIA (Canadian Fence industry Association) board in all director positions and currently as an adviser to the board.  Today his pet project is the FTS and education in the fencing industry.

Nancie Brengle

North State Fence Builders LLC
New Hill, NC

Board (First Term 1/1/23-12/31/25)

Nancie is co-owner of North State Fence Builders. North State Fence Builders serves the greater triangle area in Raleigh, NC. Nancie has a degree in Interior Design and will often say that she doesn’t make it to the Interior of anyone’s homes these days. All her work is done on the exterior, yet she finds herself completely satisfied with working with her clients in this industry.  North State has had tremendous growth in the five years they have been in business in NC and has attributed that growth to its mission to offer exceptional customer service. 

Nancie takes great pride in being asked to join the NAFCA board, because of their work with the Arlington project. Arlington is where her father-in-law has been laid to rest. She has said, “It is a great honor to be a part of a project in such an honorable and sacred place.” 

Nancie enjoys working her business with her husband Mark who has been her greatest supporter and teacher. Mark has been in the fence industry for 20+ years. 

She also finds joy that her three sons are scattered about her day as two adult sons work for the company keeping the sentiment of “Family Owned and Operated” to heart. 

Outside of the office, she enjoys her time with her four men and four dogs. Nancie loves to drum, (it is her way of being louder than those she resides with) cook, travel, and occasionally dabbles in a bit of Interior design via habitat for humanity projects.  She is also currently writing a book.

Andy Solk

Yorkshire Fence and Deck Ltd & The One Stop Fence Shop Ltd
Maple Ridge, BC Canada

Board (First term 2/9/21-12/31/21; Second term 1/1/22-12/31/24)

Andy is the owner of both Yorkshire Fence and Deck Ltd & The One Stop Fence Shop Ltd, Andy established his 1st fence company within his hometown of Leeds, England before emigrating to Canada in the fall of 2012. Once arriving he felt his vast knowledge of English fence installation methods and products would be a great advantage to the local BC fence market, which it was and Yorkshire Fence & Deck Ltd was born. After many years within the installation sector of the fence industry he felt that he could still offer more of his knowledge, guidance and advise especially to homeowners and contractors alike, he opened his first retail location, The One Stop Fence Shop Ltd which is now up and running in Maple Ridge, Canada. Andy is very passionate about the fence industry and is constantly striving for success and bringing people around him along in the journey.

In the little down time he seems to have these days Andy can be seen traveling back and forth to England where his family still resides, watching a few football matches of his beloved Leeds United.

When Andy is in town he enjoys spending time with friends and family, plus it is never a dull moment with his much loved 2 year old daughter Maddie to keep him on his toes.

Shawn King

Mr Fence Tools
Evansville, IN

Board (First term 1/1/22-12/31/24)

Meet Shawn King- one of Indiana’s top fence producers. As a self-made businessman of a multimillion-dollar organization, Shawn not only inherited exposure to the fence trade, but also developed a keen aptitude stemming from his genuine interest and passion for the industry. Shawn began his journey at the young age of 8 years old working in family owned business. He was leading an installation crew before he could even drive working during the summer through his middle school and high school years. Shawn graduated from San Manuel High School in San Manuel, Arizona. He moved to Evansville, Indiana in 1997 where he worked his way up from an Installer to a Project Supervisor for the former Dossett and Sons.  Fast Forward to present day business is still booming and Shawn is still expanding the industry. He is Co-Owner in an additional fence company Mr. Fence of Florida taking his knowledge and techniques down to Florida. He is also a Co-Owner in an outdoor living business Uniqu-E-Scapes, complimenting his fence business in Evansville in addition, he is a Co-Owner in Tri-Corp fencing, siding and decking, a company that provides at a distribution level, high end composite fencing, siding and decking made from rice hulls, mineral oils and vinyl.

Shawn’s mentality is what sets him apart from so many other leaders. His motto “We need to stop building fence like our Grandad did and start building fences like our kids will need to in the future.”  With this mentality he has been on a mission for the past ten years to be a part of taking the fence industry to a new level. He has a passion for the fence industry that is hard to find in any industry and is committed to continuously improving everything he does.

Through the years Shawn has been involved in every aspect of the industry and has never been afraid to roll up his sleeves for installations with the crews. Being on mission to better the industry he teaches seminars, provides training and knowledge to other fence companies around the world. Shawn traveled to Australia for a three-day seminar to share his knowledge about installation techniques and tools, he has developed with the years of experience in the business.  

Shawn designed and constructed multiple tools specific to the fence industry to increase accuracy, quality, efficiency and decrease installer fatigue. He has installed fence in multiple geographic regions ranging from the far west coast all the way to the east coast and even abroad in Australia.  Shawn King is a well-rounded individual who lives with purpose, passion, and perseverance. He has demonstrated true leadership, mission and vision for the trade. His attributes and dedication are what sets him apart and proved himself a considerable asset to the fence industry.   

Shawn is our instructor for Ornamental Aluminum at Fence Training School.

Deb Roche

D Roche Fencing
Frankfort, KS

Board (First term 2/9/21-12/31/23)

Deb is a co-owner of D. Roche Fencing, Inc with her husband, Don.

They have been in business for 41 years and are one of the founding members of NAFCA. They are also a 35 year member of AFA (American Fence Association).

Both Deb and Don have been instructors for our Fence Training School. She lives in Frankfort, KS and really enjoys the installation part of the business. 

“Find an occupation you love and you will never work a day in your life”

Clint Iams

Log Cabin Fence Company
Amity, PA

Executive Director (April 1, 2016 to present)

Clint Iams grew up around the fence industry tagging along with his parents to fence jobs.  A 2002 graduate from Washington and Jefferson College with a degree in Accounting and Entrepreneurial studies, Clint began his career as an auditor with the global firm KPMG in Pittsburgh, PA. 

In 2006, he joined his parents at Log Cabin Fence where they install farm and ranch fence, fabric hoop structures, manufacture post drivers, and sell various types of farm equipment. Clint estimates jobs and oversees their installation crews.  He co-instructs the Farm and Ranch Class at Fence Training School

Recently, he completed his Masters in Taxation and MBA at Robert Morris University.

He lives in Amity, PA with his wife, Nicole, and their four kids.  They enjoy traveling, camping, good food, and laughter.