Backlinks: Benefits and Why You Need to Utilize This Tool

By Al Martins, Fence Armor, Burlington, ON

Ever wondered what Backlinks were?  And no it is not a commercial chainlink term. 🙂  In the world of SEO and the Web having a good or better Backlink ranking is very beneficial.

Basically backlinks are links from one website to another’s website page.  Search engines like Google consider backlinks like votes, the higher the number the better, giving your site a higher organic reach ranking.

With all the changes in search engine algorithms lately, somethings have stayed the same.  If your content is credible, has value and is useful, customers and search engines will find you.  But like with all things, some backlinks are more valuable than others.  If you have a backlink from trusted sites they would hold more weight than those of less value.

Make sure you have some pages of value, if you want backlinks then you need a landing page that is worth getting to, maybe a blog post or downloadable app, or things about our industry that might be hard to find anywhere else.

NAFCA as an association is working hard at providing value to all of its members, by stay ahead in the industry trends not only in fencing but also in the growing world of online sales.  The first things many customers see is your website, does it reflect who you are as a company?  If not, then it is time for an update.

NAFCA would love to have great backlinks to your sites promoting our mutual ranking on the web.  You will notice on the NAFCA webpage each of your companies websites are listed on our site allowing for a direct like from us to you.  We would like to suggest you do the same by downloading our logo found here and add the hyperlink to it. You can can chose which page you want it linked to but our blog page maybe a good one.

Let us grow our presence in the fencing industry and have anyone searching for fencing products or services land on one of our pages.

3 thoughts on “Backlinks: Benefits and Why You Need to Utilize This Tool

  1. Brad Horstman Reply

    I would love to see you take this part of SEO and website ranking to the next level by leveraging your industry relationships. Consider partnering with material suppliers, hardware and fastener vendors and manufacturers, wood,vinyl & metal suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and retail to create a robust network. All for the good of the industry and all of us small fence contractor.

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