In 2011, a group of fence professionals who were excited by the need they saw in the industry for education and an ethical standard got together and formed the North American Fence Contractors Association.

NAFCA Fence Training School

Mission statement

They chose the following as a mission statement that encompasses these goals while embracing the roles of both contractors and vendors in keeping the fence industry strong and healthy: “Bringing together fence contractors and vendors for their mutual benefit and the integrity of the industry”.

NAFCA stands for education

From the beginning, the organization has stressed education to improve the industry. NAFCA has held a national fence installation school each year of its existence, along with numerous gate operator schools for beginners and more advanced installers. Each school is taught by professionals with decades of success in the industry and allows students to learn first hand in real world conditions. NAFCA has always placed importance on affordability and access in its educational opportunities, keeping tuition at a fraction of what is available elsewhere and offering training to members and nonmembers alike.

NAFCA Fence Training School

NAFCA stands for service

A large part of the ethical base of NAFCA is expressed through the many service projects that have been accomplished. Annual service projects at Arlington National Cemetery have allowed NAFCA members and supporters to “give back” to those who gave it all by replacing worn, aged fencing. The fencers who participate in these as well as the many local, regional service projects that NAFCA members participate in reflect the community spirit that the North American Fence Contractors Association has embodied from the start.

NAFCA Service

NAFCA is run by volunteers

In order to make NAFCA affordable, it is an entirely volunteer effort, with no permanent, full-time staff. With annual dues of just $250, the organization offers a lot of “bang for the buck”. Starting with just 12 members in the spring of 2011, in an era when membership in professional organizations is on the decline, NAFCA is seeing phenomenal growth.

There are many benefits for members

Member benefits include displaying your company’s commitment to excellence, regional educational and networking events, volunteer opportunities, discounts at some member vendors, information and news through our website with featured member spotlights on our blog and email newsletter.

NAFCA Board Meeting

Who should join NAFCA?

Contractors who want to help their employees develop the skill sets, learn about changes in the industry, and develop closer ties with other fence professionals and vendors.

Vendors who want closer collaboration with one another and contractors to grow the industry.

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