Field Training School, An Overview

By Bill & Judy Iams, Log Cabin Fence Company, Amity, PA

The opportunity to attend the NAFCA Field Training School is one that every fence contractor should seize. It will enable you to not only gain knowledge of the different types of fence available, but also provides the first hand knowledge of how each fence performs.  It provides the opportunity to discuss with industry professionals how long it has been on the market and ensure if it stands up to the real test of time.  This is the foundation to building a solid, life long business.NAFCA Field Training School PVC

You will attend a three day school where you will rotate through seven stations and receive hands on instruction in a outdoor classroom.  The stations are: 

-Gate Operations


-Wood Fence

-Chain Link


-Farm and Ranch


Additionally, there are also Safety and Tool Box Talks where you will go over different and new tools in the industry and review safety regulations. NAFCA Field Training School

The instructors at the NAFCA Field Training School have a combined 350+ years experience of installing and teaching in this field. You will have small group instruction coupled with hands on experience for the installation and tricks of the trade. Their experience in this field can not be matched by any other school out there. A student stated after a school… “It was like sipping water from a fire hose”. 

You will receive contact information for the other students and instructors enabling you to join a networking system that will benefit your fencing business needs on a daily basis. Any questions, problems, product availability issues, or needs can be met with a phone call.

By joining us in membership, or attending a school, you will become a member of an elite group of fencing professionals that will enrich your business and lives for years to come. For more information about the school visit our website (  

And… it is in Florida in February.  Who wouldn’t want to head South then?

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