Fence Mayhem lead by Mr Fence Tools and Mr Fence Acadamy

By Shawn and Heather King, Mr Fence, Evansville, IN

We have a new event just around the corner: May 11 and 12.

Install vinyl fence using the no dig method with a predictable, teachable, measurable, and repeatable proven process. You will walk away with confidence in the installation process and the durability/ strength of the no-dig option. We will also show a method for the no-dig installation of residential aluminum fences using the patented IPOST system from IFENCE. This will be a beneficial course whether you have tried a no-dig system before or this is your first rodeo. We will be demoing gas-powered drivers and air-powered drivers.

We will also be taking a deep dive into the installation of standard privacy picket wood fence, using the DRY PAK™ method and Mr Fence Tools. We will install the fence demonstrating the FAST FIVE™ installation method.

Both of these training days will be a hands-on experience bring your work gear and an attitude to get involved. We will demonstrate all Mr. Fence Tools that apply and there will be tools for sale. We can assist with transportation if needed. Students do not need to bring any tools but do need to bring work gear including cold weather gear, rain gear, and safety equipment (gloves, hearing protection, and glasses). The locations of the fence installs have not been determined but will be in or near Evansville. The closest hotel is the Hampton Inn of Evansville right by the airport 5701 N Hwy 41 (812)-464-1010. In past trainings, we have found it is less expensive for guests to use Expedia to book their hotel stay and want to make sure that you get the best deal. Lastly, we will have tools available for purchase if you would like to take them back with you.

Contact: Mr. Fence Academy

Phone: 812-425-3550 

4515 O’Hara Dr Evansville Indiana 47710

Web: http://www.mrfenceacademy.com

Email: Shawn@mrfenceacademy.com

Contact: https://hihello.me/p/9ade8677-23e2-4502-acff-e5dccc1c6f5a

Do you have a product, project, or event you would like to share with NAFCA’s members? Please contact us with the information; we pride ourselves on showing off our members and how they lead the fence industry.

-Clint with NAFCA

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